Apple to discontinue iBooks Author next month

Earlier today in an Email to Apple iBooks Author users, Apple told them that the iBooks Author will discontinue from July 1 and also that Apple will remove it from App Store.

According to Apple, it will now focus on the development of new features for the Pages app which also includes book creation features. Apple wrote in the email thanking users for being part of iBooks Author and that it will no longer be available from July 1.

iBooks Author

Apple mentioned that it created the Pages app two years ago. It has features that allow users to work on iPad, draw using Apple Pencil, collaborate with other users on a book, and a lot more features. “Pages” is a useful platform for creating books. Now that Apple has focused on Pages, Apple will no longer update iBook Author and will also remove it from the Mac App Store.

Apple also mentions that the users who have already installed iBooks Author, it will be available for those using macOS 10.15 and earlier versions. Also that Apple has plans to update the Page app in the future to import data. Apple also gives detailed instructions on how users can transition from iBooks Author to Pages app.