Apple to donate $10 for all Apple Pay transactions


After the ‘Back to School‘ promotion and exclusive Apple Pay deals, Apple has revealed a new program to support the U.S. National Parks. The Cupertino-based firm pledges $10 for all Apple Pay transactions made next week to the National Parks Foundation.

Apple Pay

The program is set to begin August 17 and will be ending on August 25. Spend at least a minimum of $10 within the Apple Pay app and Apple will give $10 to the National Parks Foundation. The promotion covers all purchases on the Apple Store app, and Apple Store.

The National Park Foundation works closely with the National Park Service to enhance and protect the historic, cultural and natural treasures that could be found in America’s national parks.

Apple will be having a new Activity Challenge for the Apple Watch next week in line with the Grand Canyon National Park’s 100th year anniversary. Interested users may complete the challenge by doing a 3-mile bike, walk, run or wheelchair workout to unlock badges and stickers.

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