Apple to help China with Coronavirus relief efforts


Apple CEO Tim Cook sent out a tweet on Saturday, declaring that the company intends to donate money to those who are fighting the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

Apple to Help China with Coronavirus Relief Efforts

About Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a strain that has never been seen before. Medical experts have named it ‘novel coronavirus’, or 2019-nCov. Victims suffer from acute respiratory infection and it has already spread across China, killing around 42 people and infecting thousands more. The virus was believed to have originated in Wuhan city in the province of Hubei, and has spread throughout the world from people who have recently traveled to and from the affected region. Australia has four confirmed cases, while the United States has two and France has three.

Apple regularly provides help and assistance in catastrophes and natural disasters from around the world. Recently, the Cupertino-based company has sent a donation to Australia to combat bushfires that has spread throughout the country.

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