Apple to partner up with Hyundai for production of Apple Car


Apple may be working with South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai for its Apple Car production, according to Korea Economic Daily.

Apple Car

Currently, it’s said that Hyundai and Apple are negotiating to see if they could work on the Apple Car, particularly the ‘enormous cost’ of developing batteries and electric vehicles. There have been rumors of Apple partnering up with a manufacturer for its self-driving vehicle but no name has come up until now.

Seeing as to how both parties are in negotiations nothing is finalized yet, and the deal could fall through. Hyundai acknowledged the report by making a statement that they are discussing things with Apple, and mentioned that nothing has been decided yet. It’s also said that Apple is in contact with other global automakers.

It’s believed that Apple Car will not be entering production stage soon. Bloomberg analysts say it may take at least 5 to 7 years before Apple could begin production of its self-driving car.

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