Apple to reopen Apple Stores in Mainland China

While coronavirus continues to spread the USA and several other countries, Apple prepares to reopen its retail stores in mainland China. Apple has a total of 42 locations in mainland China, which will open by Friday. 

According to a Tweet by Bloomberg’s Marck Gurman, “Apple confirms all 42 of its stores in mainland China will have reopened as of Friday local time.”

Apple Stores

Back in January, Apple shut down its select stores in China. Later due to the virus outbreak China closed all of its retail stores in China. Apple is now seeking to reopen the stores as the spread of the virus decreases in China. 

After closing the stores in February, Apple also announced that it would not meet the revenue goals of March 2020. There has been a shortage of iPhones and other products all across the globe.

Also, there has been a decrease in demand for iPhones in China. According to the reports by government Apple sold 60 percent fewer iPhones in China this year in February as compared to last year in 2019.

As the virus spreads in the USA, Apple may soon have to close its stores there. Already significant events and gatherings are on an official ban by the government in several states. With the condition getting worse in the USA, Apple may have to face revenue loss in the coming months.