Apple to reopen its retail stores in England and Ireland on June 15


Earlier today Apple announced that it will now reopen its one store in Northern Ireland and 32 retail stores in England. The stores will reopen on June 15. Currently, Apple is keeping its stores in Wales and Scotland closed, and waiting for the countries to ease the restrictions posed amid the global health crisis.

Retail Stores

Apple shared a statement with The Independent, that says:

“We’re excited to begin welcoming visitors back to our stores in England and Northern Ireland on Monday.”

Apple also mentioned the health and safety measures it will take once the stores are reopened. The customers will have to take a temperature check, maintain social distance, and the stores will see increased cleaning.

Also, only a limited number of customers will be allowed to enter the store at a time. The staff will wear masks all the time. The customers will also have to wear masks on entering the store.

According to the report by The Independent, the customers will be allowed to make purchases, but still, Apple emphasizes the Genius Bar service. Apple also wants the customers to make purchases online as much as possible as the products will be delivered at their doorsteps. 

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