Apple to reopen retail store in Vienna today

Apple only has one retail store in Vienna and it will reopen today on May 5. It will be the second store now to reopen outside of Greater China.

According to the reports, Apple Kärntner Straße will only reopen for a few hours during the day. It is also reported that the store will reopen focusing mainly on purchase pickups and repairs. It will not reopen for routine shopping for the customers. 


Apple stores all across the globe have been closed since March 14 because of the COVID-19 outbreak. The first Apple store to reopen outside of greater china was in South Korea. Apple reopened the store on April 16. 

There were several major announcements made by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the last week’s Q2 earnings call. During the call, he also mentioned that Apple looks forward to reopening its retail stores in Austria and Australia within one or two weeks. The store in Austria is opening today, so it can be expected that Apple will reopen its stores in Australia this week. 

Once the stores in Austria and Australia are reopened, the stores in other parts of the world could also reopen. Last week Deirdre O’Brien who is the Apple Chief of retail said that Apple will open several stores in May.