Apple to soon start today at Apple’s “Made in LDN” sessions

Apple will soon return the Today at Apple’s “Made in LDN” Sessions this summer. This program will offer young people a variety of educational programs and sessions and also a creative put let in London.

The purpose of the session is to allow young people to learn the music industry from the experts. Apple in collaboration with the young artist’s organization Spotlight and the Mayor of London will start these sessions in summer.


The participants of the sessions will have the opportunity to learn how to build their reputation in the industry. The participants will have the chance to seek help from artists such as Young T & Bugsey, Nadia Rose, Aitch, and others. DJ Carly Wilford will curate these sessions.

The participants will also learn how to produce music videos, write lyrics, and other musical activities. After the session end, each participant will show their work to the professional artists such as Kali Claire and others.

Apple launched this program last year and it gathered hundreds of participants in London’s flagship stores. Apple then made the curated gallery which included the work of youth and made it public calling it “Made in LDN Showcase.”.