Apple updates Apps on App Store the reason might be the “This App is No longer Shared With You” bug

According to MacRumors, in the last few hours several users have reported hundreds of pending app updates in the app store on the iOS devices. These apps also include those which have already been recently updated by the users. Also, in many cases users have reported that these apps listed on the updates list go as far as almost ten days. 

The reason for these so many apps’ updates is not known. Apple has not given any particular reason as to why it has listed these hundreds of apps under the pending update list.

Apple Updates Apps

Some users think that the reason for these so many updates in the past few hours is because of the “This App is No longer shared with you” Bug. This bug was stopping the users to access and open the app. When the users tried to launch the app, the error message was displayed. The users would then have to reinstall the app to open it. 

According to MacRumors, the issue might have been with the expired certificate, and Apple had to update the app to include a valid certificate to solve the problem.