Apple updates COVID-19 App adding cloth mask tips and updated CDC symptoms


Earlier today Apple updated the COVID-19 App and the Apple COVID-19 website. Apple created this app for screening purposes. It also informs the people about the latest updates of the COVID-19 and how to take steps to stop the spread of the disease. 

COVID-19 App

The updated app now includes updated symptoms of the disease. It also has information on what to do if such symptoms occur. The app provides the recommended actions according to the guidelines provided by the CDC. According to the CDC, there are many more symptoms that can be a sign of coronavirus. These new symptoms for the disease include shaking with chills, headache, chills, sore throat, muscle pain, and also the loss of taste or smell. 

The new updated COVID-19 app also gives tips for wearing cloth masks. It can also help protect individuals and others from the disease. The mask section on the app gives instructions on how to make a mask, how to sanitize it, how and where to wear it. The updated Apple COVID-19 website also has the same information related to coronavirus. 

Apple in partnership with the CDC, FEMA, and White House Coronavirus Task Force, developed the COVID-19 App and website to fight the spread of coronavirus. The users can use the app to answer a series of questions related to exposure, symptoms risk factors, and then tell them the recommended actions they should take based on their answers.

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