Apple updates iWorks App adding iCloud folder sharing feature and more

Apple today updated its iWorks App for Mac. The new version is iWorks 10.0. The update has several new features including support for iCloud Folder Sharing. The update also allows the users to edit the documents offline. 

Apple updated Pages, Numbers and Key Notes with this new version. According to the “Pages” release notes, there are several upgrades. Now the users can apply a gradient, an image or a color to document’s background. Now the users can print the document with comments included. The users can also export the same document in PDF. The users can edit the documents when they are offline and then upload the document when they are online. 

According to the “Numbers” release notes, now users can create spreadsheets with even more rows and columns. They can export the sheet in PDF. Like the “Pages”, the users can also edit sheets offline and then upload them when they are online. The users can now also add the spreadsheet to iCloud, however, it requires macOS 10.15.4. 

According to the “Key Notes” release notes, there is a new animation for “Keyboard” text build in and text builds out. There are new themes that users can use. Now users can add Key Note presentation to shared iCloud drive. It also requires a macOS 10.15.4. for collaboration.

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