Apple updates satellite imagery to show black lives matter street on its maps

Apple pays a tribute to George Floyd and raises a voice against racism. Last week Apple CEO Tim Cook also addressed the issue in an open letter saying that it was a senseless killing, and now Apple has updated its Maps imagery to show the Black Lives Matter sign which is printed on a street in Washington near the White House.  

People painted these words just a day ago on the street and Apple Maps has updated the Maps quickly to show the street to the entire world. (It is to be noted that the satellite imagery that users see on Google Maps or Apple Maps is very old.) It also seems that Apple has not taken the whole new aerial image, rather only superimposed the Black Lives Matter part of the street onto the existing image on the Map. 

Apple Maps Black Lives Matter

The D.C mayor approved the street message. The mayor has also spoken against the US military response to the recent protests. Google Maps also updated the area on its Maps. However, it does not show the painted street and the road labels now show ‘Black Lives Matter Plaza’. 

Also due to these protests that have turned into riots, Apple has closed many stores to prevent damage to the property.