Apple ups Apple Podcasts affiliate commission to 100%

Apple is offering a 100 percent commission for affiliates who link to Apple Podcasts content. It’s the company’s strategy to boost adoption rate and encourage users to try the platform’s subscription service.

In a recent email to users on the Apple Partner Program, the special offer is limited and effectively doubles the rate of commission to 100% and is put under the term ‘bounty rate’ for new subscriptions.


For every subscription, e.g., $10, the referrer gets the same amount of the signup. Apple says that the limited-time event is now active and works until November.

The Apple Podcasts subscriptions affiliate program was introduced in May and initially offered a 50 percent commission. The program was for podcast creators and came a month after the Cupertino-based company outed its Podcasts subscription.

Apple Podcasts Subscriptions was off to a rocky start, and Apple had to delay the launch and redesign the Podcasts app to eliminate bugs and issues.