Kevin Lynch, Apple VP of Technology recently went on a Yahoo Finance interview to explain how ID cards will work with the upcoming watchOS 8 and iOS 15 updates.


Apple Watch and iPhone users in the US can soon add their IDs into the Wallet app and eliminate the need to carry it around. In certain states it’s not allowed and Apple intends to release a list when the feature goes live.

Lynch mentions how the ID has to be added to the Wallet app, similar to being able to access your cards in the platform. Furthermore, the VP says that it should work seamlessly and much like you would Apple Pay. Users present their ID digitally as proof, and depending on the information being presented may be locked behind a passcode.

Apple is recently furthering its Car Key feature and plans to add smart lock support and digital house keys within the Wallet app. Details are yet to be disclosed but the feature will be available on watchOS 8 and iOS 15.


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