Apple VP says watchOS 7 development was ‘Well-Received’

Alan Dye, Human Interface Design VP for Apple has recently expounded on how the development for watchOS 7 has had a positive feedback overall.

In a podcast, Dye mentioned that the development of the new Apple Watch models and watchOS 7 is the product of ‘keeping a close eye’ on what’s next. He also mentioned how the new watchfaces were well-received by the public.

watchOS 7

With the handwashing feature, Dye says the team observed what was happening around the world and coming up with the right UI and experience to encourage regular handwashing. It was a result he’s proud of in an Apple soft of way.

The design process, Dye iterates was a sort of conversation regarding what capabilities and features were possible and arriving at the right solution in the end. He stressed how the timing worked out well, and how the team put in effort to get it in for the watchOS 7 release.