Apple Walnut Street closed amid protests

In light of the Walter Wallace Jr. police killing and subsequent protests Apple has temporarily closed its Apple Store in Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

The closure of Apple Walnut Street was announced via dedicated retail web portal. The store now displays a changed store hour that puts it temporarily closed until November 3.

The Cupertino-based company has not made any press release about the store’s closure but it’s most likely due to the public unrest in the area.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that demonstrator and police clashes have happened in the city, with Wallace getting killed in the protest’s epicenter.

Apple Walnut Store was also one of the target of looters when nationwide protests for the killing of George Floyd by the police occurred. Apple quickly followed suit by boarding up the stores and removing the stock in locations that were at risk.

The sign at Apple Walnut Street says it’s closed through November 3 but the date could be extended depending on the situation.

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