Apple will add a Hotel to its new campus in Austin

Apple has a $1 billion corporate campus under construction in Austin.  According to the sources, Apple also has plans to add a 192-room hotel to its campus site. 

According to the revised plan approved by the City of Austin, it will be a 75500 square foot building with six storeys. The revised construction plan was shared by Culturemap

New Campus in Austin

Currently Apple shares no information on hotel branding. The original plans for the Austin Campus were approved back in 2018; however the updated plans with the hotel were approved on April 29, 2020. The original plans did not include the hotel. 

Apple does not have any hotels on any other campus. When Apple adds a hotel to the Austin Campus, it will provide the employees and workers a place to stay as long as they are there for training. The Austin Campus site has a total area of three million square feet. The two million square feet are for office space. The construction of this campus began in late 2019 and will be completed in 2022. 

When this new campus opens for work, it will have space for more than 5000 workers. However it is estimated that when the campus stats to function properly, it will accommodate more than 15000 employees.