Apple will be producing its own 5G antenna

Apple will be making its own antenna module for use on 5G iPhones due to being unhappy with Qualcomm’s creation, as reported by Fast Company.

The Cupertino-based company didn’t approve of Qualcomm’s 525 5G millimeter wave antenna module and said that it didn’t fit into the overall design of the new iPhone. Qualcomm will still be the one to develop Apple’s modem chip, but the production of the antenna module will be done in-house.

Apple Will Be Producing Its Own 5G Antenna

For backup purposes, Apple will have a design that integrates both of Qualcomm’s antenna and modem. If forced, it will have to launch a slightly thicker iPhone this 2020. The 5G-enabled iPhones will utilize a two-part phased array antenna for forming the radio signal, to which issues could arise if the components are made by different manufacturers.

We can expect 5G-capable iPhones this year which delivers 7GB per second download speed and 3GB per second upload speed.