Apple will introduce a new USB-C diagnostic tool

Apple plans on introducing a new internal USB-C diagnostic tool which is a successor to the already existing tool i.e., Serial Number Reader. This tool can be used to collect the serial number of the device from test power on and from its logic board. 

The twitter user Giulio Zompetti posted the images of the new tool on twitter which is also known as the “ChimpSWD.” In the tweet he wrote:

USB-C Diagnostic Tool

“Apple is introducing a new probe to its family. We are talking about the SNR successor. Let me introduce you UDT (USB-C Diagnostic Tool), probably some of you know it already as ChimpSWD.”

Based on this tweet it appears to perform the diagnostic correctly, the technician will have to connect the USB-C Diagnostic Tool to the HDI Mac. The technician will have to use an appropriate cable to connect the device with the UDT to run the diagnostic. 

Apple also informed its service providers that now Apple Service Toolkit 2 diagnostic system supports HDI Serial Number Reader for various iPad models using the brand new USB-C Diagnostic Tool. Currently, the update includes support for the 1st Gen 11-inch iPad Pro and 3rd Gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro.