Apple will keep retail stores closed until May

Earlier Apple informed its employees that they have to work from home until the start of May as the retail stores will remain closed till then. 

Deirdre O’Brien who is Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and People told the employees via a memo that the stores will remain closed until May 2020. There will be flexible work arrangements for a few employees who come to work at the office. 


The memo also stated that Apple is constantly monitoring the situation and conditions for Apple facilities. Deirdre O’Brien also said Apple will decide to reopen the retail stores after careful analysis of the situation and also by utilizing guidance from public health experts and the local governments.

Apple Park and several retail stores are located in Sana Clara County, will remain closed until May 3, 2020. Apple has no plans to reopen its corporate stores until further order.

Apple had plans to reopen its stores in April, but in the USA it seems not a viable option now, given the current condition. Currently, all stores outside mainland China are closed since March 14. Deirdre O’Brien also says that Apple is working on several options for the parents to adjust their schedules. As some of them have children who do not go to school and it’s hard for them to work with young children at home.