Apple will reopen its first store in South Korea on April 18

Apple has plans to reopen its closed stores around the world as the situation gets better in various countries. Apple will reopen its first store on Aril 18 in South Korea. The store is located in the Gangnam district in Seoul, South Korea. 

The store’s website says that it will open again on April 18, at noon. The store will not operate all day long; it will only open for a few hours every day for several upcoming days. It will open at noon and close at 8 p.m. 


Bloomberg reported that Apple says that South Korea has shown a lot of progress during the coronavirus outbreak. It is the country’s efforts that prompted Apple to reopen the store in Seoul. Apple also said that there will be an adjusted schedule for the store as it will not be open all day long.

This adjusted timing is to ensure that the employees working at the store and the customers stay healthy. Apple also said in the statement that initially it will focus on the support services rather than the sale of the devices. 

Apple also has plans to reopen stores in the USA in May 2020. Apple will reopen the stores based on the guidelines and conditions.