Apple will reopen its retail stores in Australia this week

Apple has a total of 22 retail stores in Australia. Apple has plans to reopen 21 of those retail stores this week. According to Apple’s dedicated websites of each store, the stores will reopen on Thursday, May 7. The stores are reopening to operate for limited hours every day. 

According to 9to5mac, the one store that will not reopen in Australia is its Sydney Store. The store is being renovated due to which it will not reopen. Also, it can take long for that store to reopen because of the ongoing global crisis. 

Retail Stores in Australia

The Apple retail stores all across the world have been closed since March 14. Tim Cook, last week mentioned that Apple will reopen its stores in Austria and Australia. The only store in Vienna, Austria will reopen today on May 5. 

Cook also mentioned in an earlier event that Apple also has plans to reopen stores in the USA. However, the stores will reopen on a staggered basis. Apple has plans to reopen the stores, county by country, city by city. Once the stores are open, they will implement social distancing and all other health measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.