AppleCare and store employees get free Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade beginning 2020


Apple will be handing out free Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade services for employees within levels S1 to S5. The Apple perk is largely limited only to employee use- if they want their family in on the subscription they’d have to pay for Family Sharing features.

AppleCare and Store Employees Get Free Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade Beginning 2020

It’s unclear whether the free Apple TV+ or Arcade will be a perk for all Apple employees around the world. In Apple’s point of view, employees can gain a deeper understanding of Apple Arcade and Apple TV+’s features which can prove to be helpful in day-to-day interaction with store customers.

Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade are both subscription services that cost $4.99 a month. Those who want to try it out can play Arcade free for a month and watch Apple TV+ for 7 days. New iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac and iPod Touch owners can get the free 12-month Apple TV+ promo.


Haider Ali Khan

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