AppleCare+ monthly plans are set to be introduced outside the US, notably Japan, Australia and Canada.


Originally created in 2018, Apple Care+ will be expanding to 3 countries soon. This information was obtained in the official Apple support article.

Apple Care+ comes in two options- the regular plan and the Apple Care+ with Theft and Loss. This covers most Apple products and can be paid for in monthly installments for 36 months maximum or at full price. The Apple Care+ plan extends tech support for Apple products for 2 more years, and subscribers get accidental damage coverage as well.

Payment plans are flexible- owners can choose to pay the monthly plans for a 2-year period (and enjoy a discount) or monthly until they cancel. The cost of coverage will depend on the device.

When the feature goes live Apple product owners can opt for the Apple Care+ plan through the website or when they buy the item in-store.


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