AppleCare service window extends to 1 Year on Apple hardware

AppleCare service

Apple is generously extending its AppleCare service purchase window for those who have bought an Apple Watch, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and other Apple hardware.

In a Bloomberg report, Apple employees in the US and Canada are given an internal heads-up that customers can opt to get AppleCare+ within one year of buying an Apple product.

Aside from the extension, the Cupertino-based company has also opened up the offer for customers who want the service in installments and those who want to pay for AppleCare+ in full.

To be eligible for AppleCare iPhones must not display any damage and should be in working condition. The service includes two accidental damage coverage every 2 years, while the theft and loss includes two loss, theft or accidental damage every 2 years. The two packages complement the 1-yr limited warranty with every Apple hardware purchase.

AppleCare+ and its policies can be seen at Apple’s official website.

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