Apple’s 5G phone launch this fall could be delayed

According to the report by BusinessInsider Apple’s most anticipated 5G Model coming this fall could be delayed. The iPhone is the most important product of Apple, it did not get enough sales during the last year and now the COVID-19 pandemic is not going to get the sales high. 

Earlier on Thursday last week during the Q2 earnings call, Apple did not mention any plans for the upcoming 5G Phones. Apple gave details about the earnings for the second quarter. Apple generated more revenue than the analysts had expected. 

Apple’s 5G Phone

During the call on Thursday Tim Cook the current consumer state. During the call, Cook gave details on the earnings but did not cover the impact of the COVID-19 on future product releases. Apple did not mention any details about the development of the new 5G iPhone and whether it will be delayed or launched on time. 

A few analysts such as Wedbush Securities and JPMorgan think that the new 5G iPhone will be delayed by a couple of months. Also, in Bloomberg’s report by Mark Gurman, the next iPhone may be delayed but by only a few weeks and Apple will launch it in the fall.