Apple’s accessibility page puts spotlight on macOS and iOS

Apple has revamped its accessibility webpage to highlight particular features in iOS devices including the magnifier and iPhone 12 backtap.

In line with having accessibility as a core value, the redesigned webpage puts emphasis on extensive features that can help Apple device owners who have a disablity. Features for both iOS and macOS are categorized under vision, hearing, cognitive and mobility. 


An example under cognitive would be the Reader on Safari and how users can read text aloud. For vision, Apple has a demonstration on the magnifying glass function for the iPhone camera. Users are able to point the cam and zoom in on an area and anything they wish to see better. Text sizes in apps can be changed and upsized. Group selfies are made easier since the phone can take shots upon hearing the number of faces in a frame. VoiceOver tells exactly what’s going on with the Apple device and can talk the user through tasks they’d like to do. 

There are a lot more accessibility features built into the iPhone, iPad, Mac as well as the Apple watch and TV, making these devices powerful tools for those who need it.