Apple’s growing Services business can lead to the company growing its ad revenue from $2B to $11 billion by 2025, as estimated by investment bank and financial services JP Morgan.

Apple's Ad Revenue May Grow Exponentially, According to JP Morgan Analyst

Analyst Samik Chaterjee adds to the report that the figure is possible if Apple were to include a sort of advertising in Apple TV+ and digital services.

However, in the consumer’s eyes an ad-free subscription service is far more attractive than one that has them, which leads to the report being speculative at the very least.

The most recent earning report from the Cupertino-based company reveals a $12.51 billion earnings for the Q3 and fiscal Q4 period, but they didn’t divulge how much of those were coming from ad revenue.

Apple gets $9 to $10 billion a year from Google to make its search engine the default for Apple devices, and this arrangement makes up a fifth of Apple’s total income in the Services business.


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