Apple’s AirPods Ad “Bounce” wins “Best of Discipline” award

The winners of the 99th ADC awards were announced for several categories and Apple’s “Bounce” ad for AirPods won the “Best of Discipline” award. The Ad also won two Gold Cube awards. 

Apple released this Ad in June 2019. The ad shows a man who is bored and when he pulls out the AirPods and then pops outside and starts bouncing, as every item on the street becomes a trampoline. The ad also plays the song, “I Learnt Some Jazz Today” in the backgrounds the man bounces throughout the town.

TBWA\Media Arts Lab which is Apple’s advertising partner created this ad. There is also a detailed behind the scenes video on the One Club website that gives details about how they filmed the ad. The set for the city was built in an airport hanger and the bouncing was done using camera and various tools. 

Besides winning the two Gold cube awards for “Craft in Video / Direction” and “Branded Content / Entertainment” the Apple content won a few other awards also. The AirPods Pro ad for the Apple Stores won the Silver Cube Award. Apple’s “Snowbrawl” video also won the Bronze Cube award.

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