Apple’s Diversity Chief “Christie Smith” leaves the company

According to the reports by Bloomberg Apple’s Diversity and Inclusion Chief Christie Smith is leaving Apple. Christie Smith directly reported to Deirdre O’Brien who is Apple’s senior VP of retail and people and not to Tim Cook. Her predecessor reported directly to Cook.

According to Apple, it was planned two months ago that Smith will exit the company. However, Bloomberg reports that Tuesday was Smith’s last day at the office. Smith has updated her LinkedIn Account and changed her employment status.

Apple’s Diversity Chief

Apple has not yet named a new person in charge of the Diversity and Inclusion at the company. Christie Smith became part of Apple back in 2017. She joined ad took over Denise Young Smith as left the company for her after apologizing for her controversial comments about Apple’s executive team.

She had expertise in this role and performed well. Before she joined Apple she was a Client Advisory Principal at Deloitte. This move comes after a week Tim Cook announcement for racial equity and justice initiative.

According to Tim Cook, this initiative will help Apple build on its existing space for racial injustice. Apple has a diversity and inclusion website which is regularly updated.