Apple’s education site shows an unreleased version of Logic Pro X with Live Loops

Earlier a Reddit user spotted a version of Logic Pro X with Live Loops on the Apple’s Education site. Apple always has a way of showing something it might be planning. The Reddit user found the image on the website’s education products section. 

The image shows the MacBook Pro with Logic Pro X. What’s new in the image as spotted by the user was, the interface was similar to GarageBand’s Live Loops that runs on iOS devices. Logic X Pro does not support Live Loops. It seems that Apple is planning the Logic Pro X with an update to include GarageBand’s Live Loops. 

Currently, the users can only use GarageBand’s Live Loops in the Logic X Pro is when they use the GarageBand’s for iOS to share the Live Loops project in Logic X Pro. When they use Live Loops using this procedure it will have very little functionality and all of its features will not work. 

Apple added Live Loops to GarageBand’s for iOS back in 2016. Apple updated Logic X Pro about three months ago, and the update only included bug fixes. Now Apple may have plans to update Logic X Pro by adding GarageBand’s Live Loops to it.

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