Apple’s TikTok account has been active lately, promoting the Apple TV+ show ‘The Afterparty’ with a #DuetDoWet challenge.

Apple’s First TikTok Challenge

‘The Afterparty’ tells the story of a popular idol named Xavier and his death, and is available to watch on Apple TV+. The comedy slash murder mystery is being promoted across all popular social media platforms as part of Apple’s marketing campaign.

In TikTok, the #DuetDoWet is sponsored and already has 85 million views. TikTok users are challenged to fill in the lyrics to the music video, with official track releases ‘Imma Live Forever’ and ‘Do Wet’ appearing on Apple Music. The comedy series apparently has the viewer knowing about who murdered the star sooner than its characters.

The Apple TV+ show debuted January 28 this year and initially had three episodes subscribers could watch. New episodes are released every Friday on Apple TV+, which costs $4.99 a month or could be bundled with Apple One packages.


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