Apple’s joint partnership with business customers ending in February

Apple has sent an email to its business customers that its ‘joint venture‘ program will be only until February 22 this year. Customers will continue to get support and access until the mentioned date.

The Joint Venture program was launched in 2011 and provided business customers with setup assistance, training on Apple services and products and technical support when they purchase an iPad, iPhone or Mac. It cost $499 a year and a $99 add-on per system.

Apple's Joint Partnership

The program offers outsourced IT support for mid- to small-sized business that required greater care than AppleCare telephone support and Genius Bar appointments. After the joint venture ends business customers can still contact AppleCare Help Desk, which gives them two designated contacts to help with Apple software and hardware for $499 annually.

Apple has also mentioned in the email that qualified customers will be getting a prorated refund when the joint venture membership ends in February.