Apple’s Mac video editing programs get new updates


Apple has released some welcome updates for its suite of video editing apps, including Motion, Compressor, Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

Apple's Mac Video Editing Programs

The Mac software are getting updates and new features, with file sizes coming to around 2 and 3 GB. The new versions are now available to download at the App Store.

Compressor is updated to v4.5.3, with patch notes saying it’s mostly about stability and improvements. New features include embedded audio descriptions and encoding batch notifications.

Final Cut Pro is updated to v10.5.3, with patch notes saying it’s mostly about stability. New features include sorting improvements, creation and editing of column views and more. The size of the update stands at 3.1 GB.

Motion is updated to v5.5.2 and fixes rendering issues on M1 Macs.

iMovie is updated to v10.2.4 and adds new textured and solid backgrounds that can be used on videos. It also contains a fix that now allows video import from its iOS app.

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