Apple’s ‘Music for Business’ Targets Retail Stores, Launched

Apple, in collaboration with PlayNetwork is launching ‘Apple Music for Business‘, where retail stores get access to Apple Music which can be played in stores. Licensed music, human-curated content and custom recommendations will match the store’s branding.

Store owners or employees will be able to control music via an iPad or iPhone app. Currently, it’s being tested by small stores but should soon expand to larger shops when it goes live.

Consumer licensing terms do not cover playing music in shops and commercial locations. Businesses will have to broker deals to be able to stream music legally. Both Apple and Spotify have begun making plans introducing their own music services to the retail platform.

The Journal reports that Harrods’, a department store has signed up for Apple Music for Business, where they get custom playlists that fit the shop’s culture. In addition, the store will have billboards that promote Apple Music service.

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