Apple’s New Browser-based Apple Music Launched


Apple has launched a new browser app for its Apple Music service. Apple Music users will now be able to get their music fix on any platform, as long as it has a web browser.

Apple's New Browser Apple Music Launched

The web version touts a more advanced interface and has all the core functionalities, including the ability to browse, radio, search, library and more. Enable ‘Sync Library’ and you can get the same content on all your devices.

It also has the Apple Music editorials, including the ‘For You’ feature and curated charts and playlists. Activate Dark Mode and it will adjust accordingly, which is a nice touch. The overall look and feel is quite similar to the macOS Catalina’s Music app.

The leap from app to browser-based allows the service to be used by a wider audience, more specifically those who can’t install Apple Music or iTunes while simultaneously moving on from iTunes on Windows when the app launches in fall.


Samantha Wiley

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