Apple has recently uploaded a new Shot on iPhone content titled ‘Valley of Fire’ on its official YouTube channel. The two-minute video showcases the State Park Valley of Fire in Overton, NV just 50 miles from Las Vegas.

Apple's New 'Valley of Fire' Video Revealed

The footage starts with a text saying how the Valley of Fire was shaped by 200 million years’ worth of water and wind, along with fire and rock. The viewer gets a glimpse of the natural beauty and breathtaking scenery of the Valley of Fire. An iPhone 11 Pro was used to capture the video, using features such as ultra wide angle and 4K recording.

Apple has been showing off the newest iPhone’s video and photographic capabilities via the ‘Shot on iPhone’ series. The last few Shot on iPhone videos were titled ‘Powder’, taken in British Columbia Interior with Winter X Games participants, ‘Fire and Ice’, ‘Saudi Desert Riders’ and ‘Snowbrawl’, which features a snowball fight among kids.


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