Apple’s Twitter account hacked

Twitter accounts of Apple, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and many others appear to have been compromised when they began to post tweets promoting a Bitcoin scam.

Although most have been deleted the moment they were noticed, the tweets were republished after a short time. It’s an organized attack which affects famous accounts as well as cryptocurrency firms.

A published trace reveals that the address used has received a large amount of funding which means the attack was successful. Or, it could be that the hackers have made it such that the donations appear authentic.

Twitter experts say that the social media platform is having a ‘security meltdown’ and should be taken offline until the situation is fixed. Moreover, it’s been said that the scale suggests that hackers may have gained access to staff member accounts or authorization systems, enabling them to post on famous individuals’ and companies’ Twitter accounts.

Twitter has long since acknowledged the situation and immediately responded. Investigation is ongoing with timely updates provided on the platform. 

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