Apple’s wearables growth poised to overtake Mac and iPad

Apple’s wearables product category, comprised of the AirPods and Apple Watch is estimated to overtake the Mac and iPad by the end of 2020, according to a report.

Neil Cybart, analyst claims that while the numbers are difficult to guess, the clues and financial model shows that the wearable business of Apple is now valued at $16B per year, which should surpass that of iPad and Mac and take its place as the 3rd largest product category, just right below Services and iPhone in terms of revenue.

Apple Watch Series 5

The wearables category details are vague up to this point, but the report believes that most of the sales were coming from Apple Watch and AirPods.

The future of Apple’s wearables product is bright. Currently, the firm is working on a roadmap that explores the possibility of a Watch that doesn’t rely on the iPhone. There are rumors that Apple is starting to tinker with Apple Glasses, but that’s still years into the future.