Apple’s work from home creating a chaotic situation


Apple employees working from home are facing several issues while working from home. Earlier Appel CEO Tim Cook instructed employees to work from home to control the spread of the coronavirus.


According to the report by The Wall Street Journal, the software developers who are working from home ave issues with download speeds and also what type of work they can do form home. It has been confusing for them, and also due to slow internet speeds, it is difficult for them to work with efficiency.

The shift has been tough on Apple, mainly due to strict guidelines and secrecy around its products. Several other employees cannot access critical internal systems from home due to Apple’s stringent security policies.

According to Apple’s security policy, telecommuters cannot access specific internal systems critical to their work from home. Apple is also adjusting the guidelines to relax certain security restrictions. 

According to the report by the Wall Street Journal, it is not surprising that the employees will face issues. The reason is that the company is not entirely suitable for the home office. It is unclear for how long Apple will continue this strategy. Until further notice, the Apple employees who are working at home will have to face such difficulties.

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