Beijing Apple Stores screen customers for possible Fever

Apple today has opened its five Beijing-based Apple Stores amid the coronavirus epidemic. As part of a health measure, Apple Store employees are checking the body temperature of visitors as they come in. They are also limiting customer numbers at any given time in the store, resulting in smaller crowds.

The Beijing Apple Stores also have shorter opening time, from 11am to 6pm while other ones remain closed. The current outbreak has impacted Apple in terms of shipping estimates, supply and production of future products. It’s expected that overall revenue for the quarter won’t be as high as initially thought, although all of Apple’s stores in China make up less than 10% of overall locations worldwide.

Beijing Apple Stores Screen Customers for Possible Fever

Recently, the Cupertino-based company has given its employees, carrier partners and authorized service providers recommendations on how they should clean the demo products twice a day, including proper hand washing and the use of microfiber cloths.