Belgium adopts Apple-Google contact tracing API

Belgium has recently agreed to adopt the Apple-Google contact tracing API for its coronavirus app, which is already out and available to download.

The country posed a particular challenge for the API since it has three official languages- German, French and Dutch. In the app creation process developers worked hard to integrate all languages and various regions.


The contact tracing app by Apple and Google addresses privacy issues by implementing eight safeguards. Lately, Wales and England were the latest countries to adopt the API after initial testing of an inferior app. Ireland and Scotland already had an app that used the API.

Sophie Wilmes, PM has announced that the corona app, titled ‘Coronalert’ is ready and can be downloaded in three of Belgium’s regions. The Committee Testing and Tracing mentioned that the app works and has been thoroughly tested. An official reported that ‘Coronalert’ is operational and that they’re waiting for patient-doctor communication.