Burberry Teams Up with Apple to Create ‘R Message’ Tool


Apple is developing the ‘R Message’ shopping tool with Burberry for a more personalized shopping experience. The service will be integrated into Burberry’s app on the iPhone so employees can send messages to their customers.

R Message

Currently, the company is using the R World app for company news and inventory management. The new tool will be integrated within Burberry’s internal systems and made as a customer-facing application for buying products, getting recommendations and making in-store appointments.

Burberry has been overhauling its app aggressively, featuring a ‘For You’ tab, an augmented reality experience and other tech additions. It’s similar to the Apple Store app’s ‘Discover’ tab, which helps Apple customers find Today at Apple sessions and products they may like.

Generally speaking, the R Message tool gives us a glimpse of the future of retail industry and for a more personal shopping experience. Apple and Burberry has had a long and harmonious relationship over the years, with the most recent being the Burberry London fashion event shot using an iPhone 5S.


Samantha Wiley

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