Earlier this week Apple rejected Hey Email app in the App Store. The app was rejected by the App Store Review Process. VP Phil Schiller and the App Review Board also rejected the app.

App Store

In response to this, Basecamp/Hey’s CEO Jason Fried wrote to Apple saying that it is not only about Apple taking 30% share of the in-app purchases, it is also is because of the lack of choice that the developers have. In his response, he also said that it is how Apple comes between developers and customers.

Apple VP Phil Schiller confirmed that Apple has no plans to unblock the Hey Email app from the store. The issue is that the app has subscriptions paid outside of the App Store which is against the Apple App Store terms of the agreement.

Jason Fried believes that Apple negatively impacts the customer’s experiences. He said:

“When Apple forces companies to offer In-App Purchases to be on their platform, they also dictate the limits to which you can help your customer.”

He says that it directly affects the relationship with the customer. He also said that it can ruin the relationship and in some cases, the customers no longer use the services, “because of these restrictions”.

At the end of the letter, Basecamp/Hey’s CEO Jason Fried appeals to Apple that it should give the developers a choice. He asked at the end:

“Let us bill our customers through our systems, our way”


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