Child Swallows AirPods and Gets Emergency X-Ray

A 7-year old boy has accidentally swallowed his Apple AirPods, a gift he received for Christmas. His mother, Kiara Stroud made a statement in a report by the WSB News that the second grader was ‘holding the AirPods’ in his mouth when he swallowed the wireless earbud.

The boy was rushed to the emergency room, where an X-ray was taken. It showed that the AirPods was lodged in his stomach just below the rib cage. The physician at the Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta didn’t know what an AirPod was, but both parent and child were assured that it wouldn’t do any major damage and would just pass through without any need for medical intervention.

Child Swallows AirPods

At first, the 7-year old was anxious and thought he was in deep trouble. After the diagnosis, he expressed concerns that his AirPods would connect to his new iPhone and start playing music.

Stroud warned other moms to be cautious when letting their kids handle small devices like the AirPods.

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