Tim Cook donates Apple shares worth $2M to charity

Apple CEO Tim Cook has recently donated 6,000-plus AAPL shares to a charity last week. In the SEC filing, Cook ‘gifted’ about 6,880 Apple stock shares to an undisclosed charity. Based on the stock’s closing price, the value is estimated to be $2 million.

In charitable donations, corporate leaders aren’t obliged to reveal the name of the recipient. In this case, the SEC may only record the transaction.

Tim Cook

The Apple CEO has made several personal donations before. He regularly gifts Apple stock and has given to LGBT campaigns in 2014. As an organization, Apple has also helped with disaster relief efforts, and recently to PRODUCT (RED).

Cook currently has more than 800,000 AAPL shares, which is worth approximately $254 million. He revealed in a 2015 interview that he intends to donate all his wealth systematically. Cook mentioned that he started the act but didn’t expand on the details.

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