Cook Says At Least a Third of Store Visitors are Trading in Their iPhones

Apple CEO Tim Cook has mentioned in a GQ interview that at least a third of total Apple Store visitors are taking advantage of the iPhone trade-in program.

Apple has been promoting its trade-in platform on its website and retail stores, and the efforts have finally paid off. In stores, a third or greater of visitors are trading in their older devices for newer models.

Trade in values depend on the iPhone model. For instance, the iPhone 6s fetches a $100 value, while the iPhone XS Max has a $600 value in the U.S. Customers can get an Apple Store gift card or in-store credit towards their next purchase.

This week, Apple bagged a Ceres award for efforts in sustainability, with all its data centers, offices, facilities and retail stores running on 100% renewable energy. The Cupertino-based company also has Daisy, a robot recycler that can fully disassemble two hundred iPhones an hour.

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