Dark Sky shuts down Android App version following Apple acquisition


The Android version of Dark Sky is officially discontinued after Apple buys the company.

Dark Sky

Apple bought Dark Sky in March, and the developers have announced that they will be shutting down the Android version come July 1. However, the event was delayed until the month of August.


Android users of Dark Sky will no longer have access, while subscribers are promised a full refund. In terms of API the developers state that it will still function until 2021 but new signups will not be accepted.

Initially, Dark Sky developers said that they will no longer be showing weather forecasts, embeds and maps on their website starting August 1, 2020 but then changed their mind and announced they will be keeping the maps and weather forecasts in the meantime.

Apple bought Dark Sky, a popular weather app on the App Store which was known for predicting storms. The app on iOS will continue as such, including its price ($3.99).

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