Doctor sues Apple over the use of atrial fibrillation technology


A doctor from the New York University is suing Apple over the Apple Watch’s atrial fibrillation technology. Dr. Joseph Wiesel states that the smartwatch has infringed his patent that detects irregular heartbeats.

Doctor Sues Apple Over Use of Atrial Fibrillation Technology

One of the Apple Watch’s features is its passive heart rate monitoring, which sends a notification when it detects an irregular heartbeat. Newer Apple Watch models utilize the digital crown to take an electrocardiogram.

Wiesel mentioned that his patent, which was awarded March of 2006 marked the steps to detect atrial fibrillation, and that it described how one could monitor irregular rhythms in pulse over a period of time. The lawsuit demands that Apple stops using atrial fibrillation without royalties and permission. He further said that Apple has refused to engage in ‘good faith’ in September 2017 and now contends the afib technology.

Apple hasn’t made any comments on the case and is unlikely to respond to the lawsuit.

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