Early Apple One adopters experience billing and renewal issues

A few Apple One users are reporting billing and renewal issues on social media channels.

Apple One debuted October 30 and offers several tiered packages for subscribers. The service had a one month free trial, which ends today and several individuals mentioned that their status hasn’t changed when they chose to renew.

Apple One

The status of some users are said to be ‘expired’ even when they didn’t cancel the subscription. Others have mentioned that they encounter error messages, such as ‘this item is currently being modified’ when they try to renew the subscription.

Furthermore, some users have said their individual subscriptions were renewed despite having them in the Apple One bundle.

The exact issue of why this is happening is yet to be determined. Apple hasn’t released any posts or updates to address the concern.


Apple One offers bundles of Apple services, including iCloud storage, Apple Arcade, Apple Music and Apple TV+ in one monthly package.